Mage: The Technocratic Union

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Mage: The Technocractic Union is the first foray into RPs by the esteemed gentlemen Zeronet and will involve one particular amalgam of multiple conventions who's initial purpose will to undercover the true extend of the reality deviants known as Code Fives or Vampires following an incident aboard the cargo ship, Elizibeth Dane.

Inspirations for this are Mage, Technocracy, Fringe TV Series, Ultraviolet TV Series, Vampire Bloodlines/Masquerade games. There will be a element of procedural investigation involved.


Arne "Ahnuld" Moravec two-fisted computer scientist who is 2 meters tall and built like a Battlemech.
Jacob Brown (MW) investigative man in black
Keth Ardan (Kerrus) Team Ghostbuster and computer scientist.
Parvati Varghese (Exhack) philanthropic schemer, backer and master manipulator.