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:'''BLD''': +1
:'''BLD''': +1
:'''DMG''': +1d4
:'''DMG''': +1d4
:'''LUK''': 29
:'''LUK''': 27
:'''CRD''': 10
:'''CRD''': 10

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A girl from the rural Balkans, where industrialization was heretofore unknown, where people still inter the dead in certain ways to make sure they don't return as vampires, and the lines of control between Ausonia, Argovia and Anatolia are blurry at best. Was conscripted into the Ausonian forces in the last two years of the war. As a small but strong and nimble girl, she was considered perfect to put into the new things called tanks. She was duly rushed through a basic training course which mostly consisted of a crash baptism and a great deal of preaching in Ausonian, because one can never be too sure with country bumpkins like these. She could've been a Jew or, God forbid, a Muslim.

She joined a crew of four girls stuffed into a tankette and served out the war in the Balkan front. Both the crew and the machine survived the war but the other girls were all felled by the sleeping sickness. Since they had all talked about going to America, she took their ashes in an urn and joined the wave of emmigration after the war and found work as a maid to afford a small plot in a cemetery.


  • Testarossa is an Ausonian orphan name. They just gave it to her even though she's not an orphan.


Experience: Veteran
Person of Importance: ?
Ideology: "One shouldn't come home until they haven't shed a tear in ten years."
Significant Place: The three girls' grave.
Treasured Possession: ?


STR: 90+5
DEX: 90
INT: 80
CON: 80
APP: 50+10
POW: 80
SIZ: 25+5
EDU: 10+5
HPT: 18/18
STS: 1
MOV: 9
BLD: +1
DMG: +1d4
LUK: 27
CRD: 10
INS: 2/2
Gain +10 to know or work something out. Gain a clue by reasoning. Reroll a failed pushed mental roll (with increased consequences). Gain an idea roll.
VIG: 6/6
Gain the initiative out of the normal order. Gain +10 to a physical roll. Automatically succeed on a physical roll to move the plot forward. Reroll a failed pushed physical roll (with increased consequences). Ignore a Major wound.
MOX: 3/3
Gain +10 on a social action. Gain a clue socially. Reroll a failed pushed social roll (with increased consequences). Defer a failed sanity check.
FLX: 3/2
Introduce a useful NPC. Define a relationship with an existing NPC. Define the environment. Introduce an item.


Life Skills (STR + DEX + INT + CON)

Animal Handling: 48%
Arts and Crafts (Cooking): 72% [Arts and Crafts*]
Arts and Crafts (Clothing): 71% [Arts and Crafts*]
Climb: 51%
Fighting (Brawl): 97% [Fighting*]
Firearms (Long): 82% [Firearms*]
Lore (Rural Eastern European): 45%
Natural World: 23%
Survival: 40%

Conscription Skills (20)

Language - Other (Ausonian): 21%

Veteran Skills (70)

Firearms (Short): 81% [Firearms*]
Operate Heavy Machinery: 24%

Flex Skills/Fun Facts (INT + INT)

Arts and Crafts (Acting): 27% [Arts and Crafts]
Arts and Crafts (Disguise): 28% [Arts and Crafts]
Arts and Crafts (Photography): 20% [Arts and Crafts]
Dodge: 67%
Firearms (Flamethrower): 33% [Firearms]
Firearms (Heavy Weapon): 25% [Firearms]
Firearms (Machine Gun): 40% [Firearms]
Intimidation: 50%
Language - Own (Greek): *15%
Lore - Maid Gossip: 18%
Listen: 37%
Spot Hidden: 50%
Mechanical Repair: 28%
Jump: 40%
Navigate: 22%
Ride: 20%
Stealth: 76%
Throw: 43%

Credit Rating Trade-in (20)

Language - Other (English): 21%