Feng Shui: The Elegant Science of Applied Violence

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Feng Shui is a game about emulating Hong Kong action movies. Feng Shui is a game where 'getting captured so you can find out what the bad guy's plan is firsthand' is a pretty good plan. Feng Shui is a game about gorilla warfare against a dystopian police state. It is a game about fighting Chinese eunuch infernalist sorcerers. It is a game about a war against transformed magical animals taking the guise of wicked old men who seek to destroy any touch of reality deviance with their own magics and black helicopters.

It is a game about a war in time.

But mostly, it's a game where you can dual-wield M-16s and leave a massive body count of nameless mooks, where a valid player party consists of Batman, Jet Li, Jack Burton, Adam Jensen, and a cyborg demon.

And if that doesn't sell you, it has cyborg gorilla commandos.


Will try to run one game on Sunday 1/7/2013. Don't know if I can maintain a regular schedule after that, but I'll figure something out!


Ideally you have 2 people from the past, 2 people from the future, and a (relatively) well-adjusted guy from the present who gets dropped into some ridiculously deep shit that he has no idea whatsoever about.

Was Going To Happen At Some Point

Cliff Johnson

Min - BM

Yanmei Lin - Aeon