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Attributes and Traits


By default, you are not obligated in any way, shape, or form to write even a single longform roleplay post in a FATE NOOSPHERE game, though there are certainly incentives. You are merely required at bare minimum to present individual actions in an IC format, referred to as Dispatches. Some examples include: a newspaper headline with a one to two sentence subtitle, an internal memo, the abstract of a White Paper or Journal Article, a media soundbite, or even a highlight from a history book or article.

"If You Tighten This Belt You Tighten A Noose Around Our Necks!
Imperial General Staff protests new budget that will slash army by 100,000 for new economic subsidies.
(OOC: Roll to Reform, trade one point of Military for Economy.)

At the end of every turn all Dispatches are collated together into a Summary. While some kind of framing device for these Dispatches is certainly preferable, it is not necessary. Dispatches may be as short or as long as a player pleases and a particularly well written and entertaining Dispatch or Summary is just as worthy of reward from the GM as a more traditional roleplay post.