Fate/Broken Monad

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You have all been summoned from the eternal archive of history both past and future to a world that resembles yours - or perhaps it doesn't. To a servant, this is merely the way things are.

All servants need the following:

  • Class - Your servant class. This does not necessarily follow the canonical list. Feel free to be creative.
  • Spirit - Who you actually are. Nominally secret ICly, and all but the closest friends or bitterest enemies will refer to fellow servants by their class name as opposed to their spirit name.
  • Class Skills - These are what all servants of the same class have. This means if you encounter other servants of the same class, they'll have these as well! All Class Skills are rated E to EX.
  • Personal Skills - These are skills specific to your servant. There are many common skills (such as magic resistance) as well as skills that are rare and distinctive. All Personal Skills are rated E to EX.
  • Noble Phantasms - Every servant has one (or sometimes more) Noble Phantasms, powerful artifacts that are elements of their legends. All Noble Phantasms are rated E to EX as normal, but additionally they have an associated type (ie anti-unit, anti-army, etc)

Example Skills

All Servants start with two skills or noble phantasms at A, two at B and two at C. These may be dropped to increase other skills or noble phantasms on a 1:1 level; additionally, one point may aquire an additional D-ranked skill. A servant with more than 6 aggregate skills/noble phantasms may not have any skill/noble phantasm ranked below D.