Exalted: Silence The Second Perfect Attack

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The Creation of the Six Legends

The Six Legendary Exalted emerged into prominence, and Creation has never been the same. All of them and their companions are household names:

  • Emperor Calacthchan the Golden, immortal co-ruler of the Golden Empire whose tongue had brought armies to their knees.
  • Empress Sublime Calamity, undefeated mistress of the Golden Empire's legions.
  • Shogun Kirigasa Varil, the warrior-savant who saved the Shogunate twice over the millennia.
  • Singular Blade of Hope, Savior of Autochthon, Emissary of the Great Maker.
  • Spiralling Lao, master of the arts of sorcery and creator of races
  • Starchasing Kyou, patron of the Shogunate Sky Guard and Herald of Vanileth.

The world that they created is vast and filled with both wonder and peril. Instead of an Age of Sorrows, it is an Age of Empires, an Age of Strife, an Age of Heroes.

The Golden Empire

Led by the awe-inspiring Emperor and Empress, the Golden Empire is the most Solar-oriented faction.

The Union of Faithful Autochthonian Nations

The Autochthonian Union, as it is often called, is a coalition of the various nations of Autochthon as well as their colonies in Creation. Created to present a united front in negotiation, they often descend into internal squabbles, but the Great Maker's people are a force to be reckoned with. There is a considerable stock of good will between the Tripartite and the Shogunate thanks to the Shogun's role in saving the Great Maker himself and relaxing the Great Geas on the Mountain Folk. The latter action allowed the Jadeborn to join in the political scene alongside the Great Maker's human champions, though they remain largely focused on the own wars against the terrors that lie beneath. The Union's ideals of service to the nation and to the Maker have made inroads in Creation, but the self-denying dedication and rigorous social control required is difficult for many.

The Celestial Dragon Shogunate

While Solar and Lunar Exalted are prominent heroes of the Shogunate, it remains a Dragon-blooded nation at heart. Controlling the Blessed Isle and much of the East, with designs on the whole of Creation, the Shogunate is a superpower and rival to the Golden Empire. The Shogunate follows a version of the Immaculate Philosophy that places the emphasis on the individual's righteousness, honor, and duty, as opposed to the idea of Anathema. The Shogunate prefers to emphasize loyalty to the state and family via social pressure rather than brute force, but rebellions are punished brutally. While there is acceptance of most celestial exalted (even a number of Silver Pact Lunars hold noble titles) Abyssals and Infernals have to prove themselves trustworthy or face the might of the Shogunate and the guile of its intelligence service. Government is semi-feudal, with a balance of local rule and central power.

The Deathlords

The immortal masters of Death have not lost their cunning or their abyssal servants. While fewer in number, they have brought their lethal necrotech and powerful necromancy to bear many times. With a stronghold in the Underworld, the Deathlords plot against each other and the world of the living.

A New Era of Magitech

With the treasuries of great empires and Exalted intellects fueling magitech development, Creation has entered a new era of machines and technomancy.

Autochthonian Union magitech craftsmanship has made them an economic and military force to be reckoned with. Their general theme is steampunk / Soviet dieselpunk with much use of the Autochthonian elements and mass produced reliable gear. Mortals who are worthy often receive augmentations, including essence reservoirs and basic charm implants.

Shogunate magitech is just as vital to their efforts as their fighting spirit. Their magitech is a mix of FF12/13-style glowytech with an emphasis on jade of all colors. Shogunate citizens of renown can earn biomagitech enhancements, including essence reserves. Professional soldiers are almost all gifted in such a way.

The Western Isles

Home Port of Paradise's band of pirates and home to Sun-Dappled Library and Paradise. It is conveniently located between the borders of the Shogunate and independent desert (but Autobot aligned) cities and kingdoms down on the southern coast of Creation.
A new floating city that was built by a former Solar protector twilight. One part port / skydock, one part Las Vegas. Location of Paradise's sub-jacking.
Karzakian Wylds
A series of isles lost to the wyld zone.
The Ivy Chain
An important stopover to the former Skullstone Archipelago
C'Both Island
Yozi-cultist Island that tried to defeat the party with spiked drinks.
Library Island
Home of a vast library in the tomb of a twilight, currently occupied by Paradise's pirates

Cast of Characters


Water Margin
Daughter of Sun-Dappled Library
Captain Bloodbane
Ruthless Pirate Solar who raided the island in the first session.
The Necromancer
Female Necromancer allied with Captain Bloodbane
Kenito Towasowa
Twilight Ruler of Byss and former owner of the sub. Exalted 3 years after the demon king war
Bitter Endings
OP's Eternal Abyssal Nemesis, aka the woman in white robes. Current holder of the vital books.


Sun-Dappled Library

Twilight caste. Has a child.

  • Motivation: Awaken the essence of all mortals.
  • Favoured Abilities: Twilight + Archery, Integrity, Resistance, Awareness, Linguistics
  • Backgrounds: Resources 3, Followers 2, Artefact 2
  • Intimacies: School of the Vital Spark, Mortals, Water Margin

Yoro Out-of-Control

Dawn caste martial artist/freed weapon of war. Angry and brash.

  • Motivation: Conquer every single martial artist in Creation and prove herself supreme in martial arts.
  • Intimacies: Master Cascade (Hate), Martial Arts (Love), Food (Love), The Cascading Fall School (Regret), Cerulean Magus (Friendship), Ever-distant Paradise (Rivalry), Water Margin (Fondness)

Cerulean Magus

Defiler Caste, bibliophile who eats paper and 'tastes' words. Very good at making things, fighting with a beam sword and tearing things apart with telekinesis.

  • Motivation: Master the principles of craft and sorcery.
  • Urge: (Adorjani) Develop and spread an Infernal version of the Salinian Working.

Ever-Distant Paradise

Dawn Caste Pirate Rebel Princess

  • Motivation: Overthrow the Shogunate

Ten Desires

Serenity Caste Sidereal friend of Paradise

  • Motivation: Seize control of her own and her exaltation's destiny and find their meaning within the Loom.

Azure Raven Shadow

Night Caste Assassin Hunting for the Truth

  • Motivation: Find the secret behind the fall of the Exalted
  • Favoured Abilities: Night+ Archery, Integrity, Survival, Investigation, Linguistics