Exalted: Mount Meru Blues

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An Exalted campaign set in the space opera-inspired shard known as Heaven's Reach.


A story of loss, revenge and grand space heroes in the space frontier. Hopefully it won't end after five episodes and become impossibly memetic.


  • Artifacts: All non-magitech weapon and armor artifacts get minor useful powers for free. This can be something as simple as a sword that doubles as a good musical instrument or rifle that can be concealed as a cane.
    • In general, the effect should add no more than 1 attribute, 2 ability or 3 specialty dice (in a specific context), as Exceptional gear.
  • Backstory: In addition to the Chargen bonuses bellow, a comprehensive backstory that relates to your Motivation and Intimacies grants an extra 2 BP.
    • Hearing about how your character's childhood was pleasant is pretty fine, but I'm actually more interested in personal loss and why you're chasing That Man.
    • It incentivizes me writing up That Man so you feel more anchored in the narrative.
  • Chargen: Characters are slightly more powerful to discourage minmaxing at chargen, and receive an extra 6 ability dots, and extra 3 attribute dots, 1 charm, and 5 BP.
  • Craft: Craft is now treated as Linguistics, with each Craft skill granting a character another Craft ability.
    • Even at Craft 0, a character has one Craft skill they can roll unskilled, just from being familiar with furniture (Wood) from your old job, being able to make passable stew (Water) or doodling on your desk a lot (Air). A character with Craft 5 has at least 6 craft fields, therefore.
    • Esoteric crafts (Magitech, Genesis, Fate, Gossamer) obviously cannot be taken unskilled.
    • Specialties may give the character extra competencies, just as with Linguistics.
  • Intimacies: All characters begin with half of their maximum intimacies filled, minimum.
  • Motivations: Please be something that can be accomplished, and fits in the context of your intimacies.
  • Warstriders: Use this fix.
    • The gunships that turn into warstriders from Gunstar Autochthonia are valid artifacts in this version of Heaven's Reach and turn into a royal warstrider for 5 dots or a noble one for 4. The downside to this is they require a hearthstone equal to their artifact rating to function (or a Protoshinmaic Vortex).


Player Characters

Alabaster Dream of the Darkened Radiant
Rickert All-Golden
Bolt From The Blue



  • Nesting Quicksilver Falcon (Allies 5/Mentor 5): Full Moon Lunar. Retired from service to the Empire and spends her days in a cantina overlooking a private spaceport in Aden. Not entirely disassociated with her old life.
    • Has a bunch of Lunar Half-Caste children who'd qualify as one-dot Allies.
    • Cantina and real-estate gives Resources 4 and Backing 2.
  • The Hollow Men (Followers 5): Tomb-star cultists on Aden. Well-equipped and use stealth eschatechnology that makes them impossible to distinguish from one another.





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