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Characters for FBH's Exalted game can be posted here, for ease of reference and so we can all criticize each other's Charm/skill choices.

Player Characters

Beautiful Tsunami
Crimson Blade
Moonstone Ruin Child

[1]Group Dynamics, by Rask

Notable NPCs

Members of the Circle

Ten Leaf - The godblooded male lead of this dating sim. He is good at some things, but most of serious business inevitably sails over his head.

Winter - The Lunar from before Karine hit the party. Has become the spare Lunar since.

Nia - enhanced first age human engineer and Crimson fangirl.

Hess - Daphne's Moonsilver Caste partner. He specializes in surveillance and subterfuge. Rarely appears, but recently warned Daphne of her delays in returning to headquarters.

Crimson Blade's Family


The Agent

The Agent - The dickish story god himself. Killed by the Exalts in Yu-shan using a magical artifact.

Falling Blades Petals - Some Sidereal.

The Neverborn Lobby

Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears - The local Deathlord.

The Abyssal - Five Abyssal Exalted that repeated harassed Leaf and Co. Killed by an elaborate trap involving Fae glamour and acid.

The Toad God

The Toad God - God of a concept purged from the universe during the Primordial War; seeks to destroy the Story in order to gain supremacy. Helped the Exalts with a magical artifact. Is surprisingly pretty.

Toad God's Women - Attendants to the God himself. One is notably bashful and easily embarrassed. The other is notably...long of tongue, I guess.

Karine's Deleted Affairs

Karine solos a lot, here's what she does when she does it.

Karine and the Museum
Karine and the Death Knight