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Known Aliases:
Paladin of the Masonic Craft
The Last Free Etherite
Captain Cavitation
Derek Maxwell
Darrin Clark, Enlightened Technician First Class

My name is Eli Lorentz, and I used to be a Technocrat. Until...
MIB: "We've got a burn notice on you, you're blacklisted."
When you get burned, you've got nothing - no tass, no devices, no amalgam. You're stuck in whatever tradition they decide to dump you in. You do whatever work comes you way.
cut to scenes of the supercavitating speedboat and Chicago action scenes
You rely on anyone still talking to you: A fireball-happy teenage girl.
Mari:"Should I nuke them?"
A friend who informs on you to the Hermetics.
Cara: "You know technos. Bunch of bitchy little girls."
Orphans too,
Cara: "Is that Kana again?"
...if you're desperate.
Liz: "Someone needs your help, Eli."
And a down and out ninja you met along the way
Shu: "That's how we do it, Eli-san."
Bottom line, as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.

Character Info

Name: Eli Theodoric Lorentz
Player: OmegaPaladin
Nature: Architect
Essence: Questing
Tradition: Society Of Ether
Demeanor: Caregiver

Arete: 4

Willpower: 6


Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4 (Precise)
Stamina: 2


Charisma: 4 (Likeable)
Manipulation: 1
Appearance: 3


Perception: 3
Intelligence: 4 (Good Memory)
Wits: 3


Alertness: 1
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 3
Dodge: 3
Expression: 2
Instruction: 1
Streetwise: 2


Crafts: 2
Drive: 2
Etiquette: (1)
Firearms: 3
Hypertech: 1
Leadership: (1)
Meditation: (1)
Melee: (1)
Research: 2
Stealth: (1)
Survival (1)
Technology: 4 (Electronics)


Computer: (1)
Cosmology: (1)
Culture: (1)
Enigmas: (1)
Investigation: (1)
Law: (1)
Linguistics: 3

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Morse Code
  • Japanese
  • English

Lore: 2 (Technocracy)
Medicine: 4 (Toxicology)
Occult: (1)

  • Chemistry: 4 (Organic)
  • Psychology: 1


Entropy: 1
Life: 3
Mind: 3
Matter: 4
Prime: 2


Life: Nanotechnology / Biochemistry / Vitalism
Matter: Etheric Nanotech / Electrodyne Science
Mind: Psi Control Level 3 / Mental Discipline
Prime: Causal Force / Pattern Mechanics
Entropy: Chaotic Mathematics / Thermodynamics

In general, Eli's reality manipulation / pattern control is based on science and science fiction. Generally, his science builds off of fixed science and a bit of Technocracy hypertech. His mentor described it as "what we would be stuck with if the Union hadn't kicked us out." These type of effects are usually coincidental, but can be vulgar.


Pattern Mechanics - A Science for Tomorrow!

Dynamic Pattern Control is basically bending the rules to suit you. Magick, as groups such as the Hermetics define it, is based on the Awakened being controlling the causal forces directlyand dynamically. Almost all of the mystical traditions magick falls in this category, as does Captain Cavitation - style Mad Science stuff. While this is basically unlimited in scope, it attracts paradox and goes against the Society's goals. Magick lies outside of what sleepers can ever accept, by definition, making the dream of Utopia harder. Science is a superior construct to the purely dynamic reality manipulation, as it is more reproducible. Society adherents understand that sometimes a dynamic procedure is necessary, but that measures must be taken to ensure the collapse can occur. As an aside, Hermetic symbology is considered a valid science alongside the various Technomancer paradigms, in part due to the efforts of Mistress Candace Blackrose, bani Fortunae, the Society's lead expert on probability dynamics.


Mentor: 2 Shadowy Benefactor
Mentor: 1 Lin Seigen
Avatar: 4
Library: 2
Sanctum: 3
Arcane: 1
Ally: 2 Natalya Margulis


Jack of All Trades - 5

One phantom dot in all knowledges and skills.

True Love - 2 (3XP)

Despite the bleakness of the world and the alienation that most mages suffer, your character has discovered a true love. Such love gives hope and inspiration in the face of even the greatest difficulty, for it is a sign that the world is not totally devoid of higher, purer powers. You gain one automatic success on all Willpower rolls, which can only be negated by a botch. On the other hand, you probably have to spend time rescuing your true love from danger or questing to find him or her again.

Inner Knight - 5 (15XP)

Like an heir of Avalon, you possess a higher purpose. Technocrats may be working for the future, but you carry a vision of a glorious past. In your dreams, you are a Knight of Reason, a valiant crusader for the common good. No matter what occurs, that vision cannot be silenced. When adversity knocks you on your ass, the paladin within you rallies, carrying you to victory. At night,you often visit bygone places in incredibly vivid dreams. Dreams that seem almost disturbing in their sensory detail... especially if you find things in the waking world that remind you of those dreams....
Essentially, this Merit reflects a "past life" — the reincarnated Avatar of an ancient Daedalean. Since no modern Technocrat would admit such a thing, your character considers this reborn soul a heroic dream. When he's facing some deadly crisis, the modern agent can call on his "dream self" and remember things he never learned (like historical details and personalities); display skills he was never taught(like the Background:Dream at 5, but without entering a trance);or rally an additional five points of Willpower. These temporary Traits and memories last only a few minutes(in gametime, a scene or two),but they carry with them a sense of having lived before. Naturally, these visions—of being a knight, an artist, an alchemist, or a crusader—are just romantic fantasies. But are they really? After a while,you might start to wonder..


Debt 1 (Services for Mentor)

IXJac's Status Panel

  • Quint 0 / 4
  • WP: 4 / 6
  • Paradox 0
  • Tass: 1 drams (Powercells)
  • Total XP: 199
  • Free XP: 21
Healthy -0
Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5


Field Scientist gear
  • Seburo Arms MT-5 {Difficulty: 6 Dmg: 5L Rate: 3 Clip: 12+1 Range: 40}
  • Tactical Optics Shades (Eli Custom mod)
  • Shear-Thickening Armor {3d Soak, -0 penalty}
Continuum Watch Agent gear
  • Seburo Arms MN-23 {Difficulty: 6 (5 w/ smartlink) Dmg: 7L Rate: 4/FA Clip: 30 or 50 Range: 200}
  • Array of Custom rounds and gar on utility belt /rigging
  • Anti-Specimen Combat Suit w/ built-in tactical optics (ASCS){4d/-1 penalty (does not penalize firearms)}

Loot Inventory

  • Full set of techno tools
  • Lin Siegen's Boswell
  • Progenitor Dartgun


  • Welcome to Chicago: 4 XP
  • Urban Ninja Attack: 5 XP
  • Witch, Hunting: 7 XP
-2 Str -> 2
  • No Mage Left Behind: 8 XP
  • Cuban Vacation: 4 XP
  • Syndicated Demise: 4 XP
  • Murphy is a Technocrat: 6 XP
-24 Arete Reserve
  • Cavitation Power!: 7 XP
-1 (2 from Library) Expression 1
  • Council of War: 3 XP
  • Revelation: 5 XP
  • Star-Crossed: 4 XP
  • At Death's Door: 7 XP
-3 XP True Love Awww...
-10 XP Mind 1
-1 XP Technolore
-5 XP Mind 2 (2 from Mentor)
  • Archy amidst Anarchy: 4 XP
  • Apocalypse Chicago: 12 XP
  • Castar's Last Stand: 5 XP
-13 XP Prime 2 (5 from Library)
-5 XP Chemistry -> 4
-5 XP Technology -> 4 (1 from Mentor)
-1 XP Expression -> 2 (1 from Mentor)
-2 XP Streetwise -> 2
-3 XP Arcane 1
-6 XP Linguistics 3 (3 from Library)
  • Galaxy Subways: 6 XP
  • Ethereal Romance: 6 XP
  • To the Moon! 2 XP
  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: 5 XP
-3 XP Athletics 1
  • To Each Her Own: 5 XP
-14 XP Mind -> 3 (2 From Library)
  • Arachnida Aetherius: 5 XP
  • A Little Short For a Zol 5 XP
  • The Last Free Etherite 6 XP
-5 XP Willpower 6
  • Dark Energy 6 XP
-18 Matter 4 (3 from Library)
  • Stardust Memory 9 XP
  • Are you a Badonov Dude to Save Her? 3 XP
  • The Magnificent Natalya 4 XP
  • Come into my Parlor, said the Spider to the Mage 5 XP
-2 XP Medicine -> 3
  • Stupid Ghost Story 5 XP
-3 XP Medicine -> 4
  • Mageception 3 XP
  • Malum urbs delenda est 6 XP
  • Between a Rock and a Car Chase 4 XP
  • Hell Freezes Over 5 XP
-15 XP Inner Knight
-3 XP Twisted Upbringing
  • The Girl, the Scientist, and the Talking Cat 4 XP
-3 XP Psychology 1
  • Mutual Infiltrations 4 XP
-10 XP Entropy 1
  • Escape from Damnation 6 XP
-6 XP Dexterity -> 4
-12 XP Prime 3 (4 from Library)
  • Technos on a Plane 7 XP
-3 XP Leadership 1


Save the Future Protect My Friends Create Wonders of Science Build the Infrastructure of Victory


Lorentz-Margulis Research Group

Mage: The Ascension