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I miss the floor.

Unsurprisingly, 4chan's /tg/ board actually assembled a workable game system based on the world of Tsutomu Nihei's magnum opus Blame! The system is very broad and simple, but given the fantastic nature of the setting and the heroic abilities of the protagonists, this is entirely appropriate.

I'll be running this as a short series (assuming I can get a nice number of character sheets), although it might continue on if it seems like a potentially nice game. Game starts Wednesday, on the 20th of April, at 5:30 EST.

A basic overview of the system and a link to the latest pdf.


Yeah, it's pretty much like this.

You wake up locked in a room with four other things that might loosely be considered people, stripped of all of your personal data beyond your own memories and locked into a cheap body. You have no memories of how you got there, who the others in the room are or why you were stripped of your belongings. But it's just another day in the City, and you've got work to do...

So slip on your skintight black body armor, pick up your Safeguard Sword and get cracking.

Chargen Modifications

Because the last oneshot run on #Lords had some issues, anyone who completes their character before the due date receives an extra 10 points for Attributes (which can be sunk into Memories) and 20 extra points for Abilities.

In addition, characters begins with starting gear in addition to their free module, with bonuses from this gear totaling 50 points and no single bonus going over 30. Since armor tends to have multiple smaller bonuses attached, only count the Resist value for this purpose.

All archetypes are technically permissable, but expect issues if a Governor, Level 3 Safeguard and Silicon Life are going out adventuring in the cyberdungeon together.


Kana (Maloncanth)
Rlin (Peel)
Rook (Shrike)
Scharf (Bearstorm)