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=Vital Statistics=
=Vital Statistics=
:Experience: 5/38
:Experience: 2/38
:Willpower 10/10
:Willpower 10/10
:Quintessence 2/2
:Quintessence 2/2
Line 74: Line 74:
:Expression: 4 (Trustworthy)
:Expression: 4 (Trustworthy)
:Streetwise: 1
:Streetwise: 1
:Style: 1
:Subterfuge: 2
:Subterfuge: 2
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:Episode 6 - Drenched in Blood: 8
:Episode 6 - Drenched in Blood: 8
:Episode 7 - Kids in America: 4
:Episode 7 - Kids in America: 4
:Episode 8/B Side -
==XP Expenditures==
==XP Expenditures==
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-8 xp (Prime 1 to 2)<br>
-8 xp (Prime 1 to 2)<br>
-17 xp (Str 1 to 2, Sta 1 to 2, Investigation 1 to 2 | +2 Chantry Arcane)<br>
-17 xp (Str 1 to 2, Sta 1 to 2, Investigation 1 to 2 | +2 Chantry Arcane)<br>
-3 xp (Style 1)<br<
[[Category: Mage: the King's Game]][[Category: Kerrus]]
[[Category: Mage: the King's Game]][[Category: Kerrus]]

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"I saw the Ghost of La Rue last night. Standing forlorn on a street corner in the rain, watching cars go past- by the time I recognized those eyes and turned to look back, he was gone."

Azkander Image.jpeg


Awakening at a young age in a bad home situation, Azkander Gray knows only his name and his practices as a Mage- having little care for the forgotten things he's left behind. The memories of those times are gone, but if he strives, he can recall a persistent trauma associated with them. As such, he has little desire to recall his beginnings and instead, he lives for the present in an endless series of one-night stands. He frequents parties and net cafes, finding joy in the lives of others, and gives wholly of himself to them, receiving companionship, comfort, a warm bed, and a life without strings in return. This, coupled with how his very presence in the world seems to gradually erode has given rise to a dedicated following of what they call The Ghost of La Rue, those who have known him, shared in his life for some small but precious moments, and then lost sight of him- save where he ever is, wandering in the rain that always seems to find him, late at night.

An unidentified mysterious animal to many, and with a popular following of lost lovers and misfits, hopefuls who saw the spark of Magick in him and can no longer look at the world the same way, Azkander survives as a sort of forgotten god of small favours. A sensual, carnal entity who is always moving onwards, always unsettled with the concept of permanency when it conflicts with his desire for freedom. It pushes him ever onwards, always seeking something greater- and in the process has made a mess of most serious relationships he's tried.

Azkander's practice of the True Magick is, befitting his nature as an orphan and Orphan, eclectic. Hints of more familiar, formal systems shine through from the regular dross of simply looking good, of evoking desire and other more visceral emotions in order to achieve power. It is clear that at some point he was formally taught, to which he most assuredly owes his knowledge of Enochian and Sacred Geometry to- but his particular view of ascension only shares in common with hermetic, ecstatic, and even virtual adept practices. Taken collectively, his practice is a melange of those traditions- and other, more disparate crafts. He freely shifts from utilizing sacred geometry, drawn or engraved, to experiencing ASMR to free his mind from the prison shackles of reality, and embrace the spark of divine.

This, of course, befits his paradigm, a belief that the only real thing in reality is emotion- and that by drawing upon those true, genuine experiences one can evoke the power to cast aside such illusions and embrace reality for what it is- an anthology of endless stories, told in the lives of all those living, the universe knowing itself one life at a time.


Azkander believes that reality as is commonly known is a reality viewed through the lens of oppressive banality, and only through shocking the Sleepers Awake can the true world be seen. Real emotions, sensations, experiences- these are at the core of transcending the built-up falsehoods that dominate the world. Through such things, the mind can be opened up, and awareness be spread to a sublime level, taking in a greater, superior world. This, coupled with playing to the expectations of those trapped in impure reality- and then breaking those expectations grants a sublime force of personality the will to do Magick.

Moreover, these sensations can be etched into the world- in the form of sacred geometry, engravings, or through ASMR to brings to mind the primordial emotions that shake the world when properly evoked.

Theme Songs

Intro Screen
Main Theme
Character Select
Overworld Theme


Accessories (Crystals, symbology, hermetic-chic), Computers (ASMR, 'in the zone' music, etc for altered conscious states).

At A Glance

Name: Azkander Gray
Age: Late Teens/early twenties
Gender: Male
Core Concept: Sensualist Orphan/The Ghost of La Rue
Nature: Sensualist (Hedonistic Devotion)
Demeanor: Kid (Selfish Innocence)
Paradigm: 'Everything is an Illusion'/'It's all Code Emotion'/'Art of Desire'
Tradition: Orphan

Vital Statistics

Experience: 2/38
Willpower 10/10
Quintessence 2/2
Paradox 0
Arete 3
Healthy -0 <----
Bruised -0
Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2



Strength 2
Dexterity 4 (Sublime)
Stamina 2 [+4 Armor]


Perception 5 (Keen-Eyed)
Intelligence 2
Wits 1


Charisma 2
Manipulation 5 (Convincing)
Appearance 6 (Pure)



Alertness: 1
Art: 1 (Drawing)
Athletics: 1
Awareness: 3
Empathy: 1
Expression: 4 (Trustworthy)
Streetwise: 1
Style: 1
Subterfuge: 2


Crafts: 1 (Accessories)
Security: 2
Stealth: 2


Computers: 3
Esoterica: 3 (Body Control, Enochian, Sacred Geometry)
Investigation: 2
Linguistics 2 (English, French) [Free]
Lore (Vampires): 1 [Free]


Essence: Dynamic


Correspondence 2
Forces 3
Mind 1
Prime 2


Avatar: 2
Arcane: 4
Cult: 2 (1 FP)
Wonder: 2 (Bulletproof Hoodie) (2 FP)


Legendary Attribute (App) (3 FP) (WP roll to attack him)
Enchanting Gaze (Blue/Scarlet Eyes gradient eyes, leaning towards scarlet at night or if his eyes are all the way open) (2 FP)
Computer Aptitude (1 FP)
Sanctity (2 FP) (Everybody always believes he's innocent)


Amnesia (+2 FP)
Echoes (+1 FP) (Urban Myth: lights seem to focus on him, animals react to his presence even when their owners can't see him. It always seems to rains when he's wandering by himself)
Primal Marks (+1 FP) (Alley Cat)
Short (+3 FP)

XP Log

Episode 1, 2 - Jessica Dresses Like a Dragon: N/A
Episode 3 - Gay Bar: 8
Episode 4 - Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres: 6
Episode 5 - Danger! High Voltage: 10
Episode 6 - Drenched in Blood: 8
Episode 7 - Kids in America: 4
Episode 8/B Side -

XP Expenditures

-7 xp (Corr 1 to 2, 1 xp discount from Helene's library)
-3 xp (Expression 3 to 4)
-8 xp (Prime 1 to 2)
-17 xp (Str 1 to 2, Sta 1 to 2, Investigation 1 to 2 | +2 Chantry Arcane)
-3 xp (Style 1)<br<