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Allhime is an enormous super city-state located around Type-Nahara (Violet) essence gates. A hub of trade and commerce since prehistory, Allhime was under Dragarian rule during the Imperial period. It is a hive of scum and villainy, intrigue, mercenaries, and what-have-you.


Amahara is a devoutly Kamyu-to state far to the west, at the edge of the Sea of Chaos. Amahara's ships were the first to successfully navigate the World's Tail and find the New World. Since then, Amaharans have done a bit of mapping and have set up low key monuments in auspicious locations but are, as usual, much too busy with their thousand year old reconquista to really take advantage of their discovery, leaving the fate of the New World in the hands of others.

Dragarian Empire

Warring states!

Canavan Heptarchy

Taking it's name from the Canavan River, of which it controls most of the course, the Heptarchy is a feudal state ruled by seven major noble houses unified behind a hereditary monarch. The crocodillian beastfolk inhabitants are physically powerful, aggressive and militaristic, but blocked from expansion westwards by the League of Lanreath, by Duervalden to the north, and by the influence of Flessan and the Andrynian Empire to the East. Although possibly capable of defeating any one of these states, the possiblity of being jumped from behind by a third party looking to secure the lucrative trade down the Canavan has prevented any major wars in the recent past.

Lilat Principalities

In times past the Lilat was unified under the King On The River, who ruled much of the Leonid population of western Niyan. However this nation was always an unstable one, and after it was destroyed during the Necromantic Wars it was never recreated. The course of the river is now governed by an array of petty Leonid lordships and principalities, each claiming a stretch of its length. While occasionally one of the lords has gained greedy ideas and required a coalition to put him down, the current state of affairs on the river is sedentary, ruled by trade agreements and spare daughters rather than ambition and the sword. Even the revolution in nearby Babel has not stirred action, as it has been accompanied by improved commerce and is viewed by the lion lords as a 'human affair'.

Kingdom of Fravia


Kingdom of Istakhr