Aberrant 2.0

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Rebuilding Aberrant to deal with some of its most eregrious flaws.

Aberrant 2.0 Rules Alterations

  • Alterations to core system elements.

Aberrant 2.0 Combat Alterations

  • Alterations to elements of the combat system.

Aberrant 2.0 Character Generation

  • How to build a Nova character.

Aberrant 2.0 Abilities

  • Alterations to the Abilities found in Aberrant.

Aberrant 2.0 Mental Systems

  • Science, gadgeteering, and mental combat.

Aberrant 2.0 Social Systems

  • Social Combat, Sway, and other ways to win friends and influence people.

Aberrant 2.0 Quantum and Mega-Attributes

  • Alterations to Quantum, Mega-Attributes, Quantum Pool, and other facets of Nova superiority.

Aberrant 2.0 Power Errata

  • Changes to many of the powers available to Novas.

Aberrant 2.0 Equipment Errata

  • New rules and fixes for armor, vehicles, weapons, and chemicals of all sorts.


Aberrant 2.0/2.1 Quick Reference

Aberrant/Trinity 2.x Background Setting Elements

Additional Rules

Aberrant 2.0 Body Modifications

  • New and improved body modifications for Novas (and baselines alike, with the new system for cybernetics)

Aberrant 2.0 Chrysalis

  • The Chrysalis Trait revamped

Aberrant 2.0 Expansion

  • Rewritten weapons and armor section, with tags and other things.

Aberrant 2.0 Optional Rules

  • Optional rules for additional enjoyment

Aberrant 2.0 Paramorphs

  • Powering up the last member of the Inspired trio.

Aberrant 2.0 Shards

  • Alternative settings

Aberrant 2.0 Psion Rules

  • Psions

Aberrant 2.0 Trinity

  • A reimagined Trinity setting by yours truly.

Aberrant 2.0 Societal Changes

  • How to change society for fun and profit.

Aberrant 2.0 Changelog

Aberrant 2.0 Requests

  • Use this (uncreated) page for requests, suggestions, and other things.