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MJ12's potential Aberrant Game. Ultimate Aberrant stuff-remember to change your character over.


The year is 2020. N-Day happened a little more than ten years ago. Now with demigods taking roles in all walks of life, what is your calling? What are you willing to do to achieve your goals? And how far are you willing to fall in the hopes of power?

Time: ~10 AM - 2 PM Pacific on Saturdays for Team Misanthropology, 9 PM - 1 AM Pacific on Fridays for Team Asylum.

Room: irc.sorcery.net, #aberrant

Your Employer: Phoenix International

Aberrant: Elites Public Relations


Ultimate Aberrant

New Novas for a new age of houserules.
Melissa Flint - Screwball
Ultimate Caran - Andronicus
Ultimate CITrINE - Shrike
Ultimate Junko - Peel
Adrian Shore - Singh
Ultimate Zach - OmegaPaladin

Team Misanthropology

Filled with various misanthropes! Also has an anthropologist.

Carter Luso - Nacht
Melissa Flint - Screwball
Joanna Forth - FBH
Adrian Shore - Singh
Esker Eaves - Ralson

Team Asylum

The place where we stick the deluded and insane. And the guys who are unfortunate enough to be stuck with them.

Ultimate Caran / Caran Steele - Andronicus
Zach McAllister - OmegaPaladin
Ultimate CITrINE - Shrike
Junko Ishiwara - Peel


Stick characters who haven't been assigned to any team here.

Jack Hammer
Future Esker
Sir Eric Kinnsely


Michael Boddy (Norseman)- Sent off on a long epic quest to redeem his ninja clan's honor. May potentially be involved with Directive in the meantime.
Rose Sharon (QuicksilverFox85)-time troubles.
Iskandar al-Rashid ibn Abdul Rahman (Dacis2)-time troubles.
Gennadi (Arc)-time troubles.

The Mad and the Dead

There are those who die, or are unplayably insane because of bad luck, circumstances, or their own decisions.

Jeremy Roddick (Singh) - Attempting to rescue Fire Shadow from mental control, Jeremy set out with hypermovement to chase down the mind-controlling Nova who had done so. Coming upon her and her bodyguard, he attacked the bodyguard, who evaded his disarm attempt and hit him with a tank-scale railgun. May he rest in peace.

Defeated Major Foes

It isn't an Elites game without a body count.

The Revolutionary - Terat Primacy member. Heat visioned through a wall and then executed by Moroccans.

Sloppy Joe - Terat Primacy member. Was garroted to death by Iskandar despite being 100% force fields and acid.

The Amazing Brain-Plant - Terat Primacy member. Mind controlled entire village. Was stabbed by Fire Shadow and then heat visioned to death by Caran.

Geryon - Teragen Nova Vigilance member, with about 34 NP invested in "NOT DYING" and a whole bunch more in "hurting people". Nevertheless, defeated in combat because he refused to puss out and retreat. Had a satchel charge thrown into an open wound, was then reduced to chunks of superhuman flesh smeared all over New York City. May not actually be dead.

The Dragon- 1920s Supervillain refugee right out of the Boxer Rebellion. Fell to his doom down a bottomless pit after fighting Team Misanthropology in a secret base underneath a mountain on a tropical island. Almost certainly not actually dead. Was seen again with a whipsword in his gut, tumbling off a half-completed airship. May not be dead from this either.

Sir Eric- British guy who turned traitor to the Nazis with an aggravated damage death pistol. Killed by groin kick trying to keep the party from focusing on his girl. Is pretty certainly dead, which is a rare thing given the foes.

al-Shaali- Nova elite with powers over being on fire. Met hard end of Justice and an HMG. In good health, but his reputation likely isn't.

Notes and Miscellaneous Errata

These are from the Player's Guide or other stuff that's hard to find or can be useful.

General Combat

Unarmed damage is Strength + 2 for punches, Strength + 4 (with +1 difficulty to-hit) for kicks. Sweeps are Strength + 1 damage (+1 difficulty) and knock down targets who fail a Difficulty 4 Athletics roll.

Attacks from the side are +1 accuracy, while attacks from the rear are +2 accuracy. In close combat, if outnumbered by foes, attack and defense rolls gain +1 difficulty for each opponent after the first (maximum +4 difficulty).

Called shots are +2 difficulty for +2 damage, or +3 difficulty for +4 damage. +1 difficulty allows called shots to limbs, etc. Called shots may allow one to bypass armor.

Area attacks (i.e. grenades, powers with the Explosion extra, artillery shells) gain +2 accuracy, cannot be parried and can only be dodged if the character can get out of the blast effect.

Throwing: the range for throwing an object is (Strength + Might) x 5 meters for objects massing 1 kg or less. Each additional kg of mass reduces the throw distance by 5 meters. Characters with Mega-Strength may throw objects up to their base lifting ability (Strength + Might) x 5 meters. If the object masses less than half of the Nova's lifting ability, though, the Nova can multiply the range by his or her automatic mega-strength successes (x5 per dot of Mega-Strength).

Hyperspeed strikes: A melee attack made at hyperspeed adds +2 damage for Enhanced Movement and +1 damage per dot of Hypermovement, and is made at +1 difficulty.

Aerial strikes: A melee attack made from flight adds +1 damage per dot of Flight and is made at +1 difficulty.


Bursts add +2 accuracy while automatic fire adds +10 accuracy, increases the difficulty of dodges by 1, and adds +2 difficulty to the shot. Bursts require 3 rounds, autofire expends the magazine.

Firearms cannot be dodged without either cover within movement distance, going prone, or Mega-Dexterity 1. Firearms can only be parried with Mega-Dexterity 4.

Cover fire is Dexterity + Firearms versus the opponent's Willpower, failure to make the roll forces the opponent to automatically dive for cover. Botching the willpower roll causes the opponent to take the attack's base damage.

Aiming: Each turn spent aiming adds +1 to accuracy, up to (Perception + Mega-Perception).

Adventure! Weapons which might be useful:

  • Heavy Machine Gun-Accuracy +0, Damage 6L [4], Str. Min 4, Range 500, RoF 20, Magazine 100, Mass 75 kg, Cost **

Status Effects

Dazing/Unconsciousness: Attacks that deal more damage levels than a character's Stamina stun the victim, who loses his or her next action. If an attack deals more damage than a character's Stamina + 2, the character is knocked out for a time between five rounds and a scene. Each Mega-Stamina dot counts as 2 Stamina dots for the purpose of resisting being dazed or knocked unconscious.

Knocked down: A character knocked down must make a Dexterity + Athletics roll. A successful roll reduces the character's initative by 2 on the next turn, while a failed roll means the character spends his or her next turn climbing to a standing position. A botch deals bashing damage equal to the number of 1s rolled.

Blinding: Blinded characters have +2 difficulty to all actions. Furthermore attacks made against blind characters gain +2 accuracy.


p.62 of the Aberrant Player's Guide (since it doesn't have a nice organized index)

XP Costs


  • Name Cost (current rating)
  • Attribute x2
  • Ability x1
  • Background x2
  • M-Attribute x5
  • Q-Power (L1) x2
  • Q-Power (L2) x5
  • Q-Power (L3) x7
  • Willpower x1
  • Quantum x8
  • Q. Pool 3 XP for 2
  • Initiative x1


  • Ability 1
  • Specialty* 1
  • Background 2
  • Enhancement 5
  • M-Attribute 6
  • Q-Power (L1) 3
  • Q-Power (L2) 6
  • Q-Power (L3) 9
  • 3 Specialties max. per ability


Ultimate Aberrant


Taint at chargen gives 2 Nova Points per point of Taint.

Aberrations can be taken as flaws, with minor aberrations being 1 point, medium aberrations 2, and major ones 4.

Willpower is at 2 willpower dots per NP spent. Anyone who bought WP with NP should add the additional WP back in.

Backing is disallowed-everyone's going to be part of an up-and-coming new Elite agency.

Items that require Backing to purchase MAY be purchasable with ST permission.


Attributes and abilities (mundane ones) are half cost.

Quantum Pool costs 3 XP or 1 NP for 2 points.

Health Levels, Mega-Stamina, and Soak

All Novas have base Crippled (-4) health levels equal to (Stamina + Mega-Stamina) and (Stamina + Mega-Stamina + 3) Bruised (-0), Hurt (-1), Injured (-1), Wounded (-2), and Maimed (-3) Health Levels-divided equally between categories, with any remainder going into Maimed and working upwards. A Nova with Stamina 1, Mega-Stamina 0 loses their first Bruised Health Level. Mega-Stamina adds Bruised (-0) Health Levels as normal above and beyond this.

Additionally a Nova has (Stamina + Mega-Stamina) Incapacitated health levels.

Baseline non-extras have (Stamina + 3) Bruised (-0), Hurt (-1), Injured (-1), Wounded (-2) and Maimed (-3) Health Levels as above. They also get (Stamina/2, rounded up) Crippled (-4) Health Levels.

Mega-Stamina adds +1B/1L soak per dot instead of its current system of adding to soak. Resiliency doubles this as normal.

General House Rules

All Mega-Attributes add one flat success per rating to any roll. Mega-Attributes are not affected by Qualities-however mundane dice are. In the event you do botch a roll with a mega-attribute (no successes are rolled on the dice), halve mega-attribute bonus successes, rounded down, then subtract 1 success for every additional 1 rolled.

All rolled effect powers that don't cause direct damage (Forcefield, etc.) use fixed effect rules in the Player's Guide. Halve the amount of dice you have, and count that as the number of successes.

Qualities makes 10s count double on rolls where they would be valid instead of allowing 10s to be rerolled.

Use the Player's Guide rules to maxing out powers (2 successes on a max roll allows one to add any Extra, 1 success adds 1 level of damage, 1 dot of soak, or 1 success to the power activation roll). Tentatively characters are allowed to power max Mega-Attributes, where 1 adds an Enhancement or an additional success on the next roll using that M-Att.

Equipment and Backgrounds from other WW sources may be purchasable with ST permission. Possibilities include Devices, Enhancement, Sanctum, and certain other backgrounds which might fit.

Movement speeds: Sprint is (Mega-Dexterity + Dexterity * 3) + 20 m/turn. Similarly Hypermovement also increases the multiplier for Mega-Dexterity for running and sprinting.

Dying for power: Damage taken by sacrificing Health Levels for Quantum is Aggravated.

Power House Rules

It is possible for any power with an Extra to be used without the Extra if desired.

Clone only provides up to (Clone) clones, instead of up to (Quantum + Clone) clones. It costs 3 Quantum per clone.

The "Aggravated" extra halves damage dealt (rounded up) but turns damage aggravated. For powers such as claws this damage is applied separately from other damage (which is turned lethal as normal). If a power has multiple modes (bashing/lethal) use the mode that deals the least damage. Aggravated extras reduce the range of powers so given to (Quantum + Power Rating) * 5 m. Quantum Bolt also halves the damage dice if used in Aggravated mode.

Impervious defenses no longer convert aggravated damage to lethal-they merely allow you to apply their Lethal soak to your Aggravated soak total. Hardbody allows you to apply your Stamina + Mega-Stamina Lethal soak to your Aggravated soak total (instead of converting all your Lethal soak into Aggravated soak).

Forcefield adds (Quantum + Forcefield * 2) soak instead of its normal method of calculating soak.

All body modifications except (Extra Health Levels) are at half cost, rounded down because they are terrible compared to powers.

Shapeshift can only emulate powers or body modifications.

Quantum Conversion does (Stamina + Quantum Conversion) Bashing or (Stamina + Quantum Conversion/2) dice of damage, rounding down, for 1 Quantum point. Add Mega-Stamina in as damage dice instead of levels.

Sizemorph (Grow), instead of doubling size and octupuling mass for every dot of Sizemorph, it multiplies a character's height and reach by (Sizemorph rating + 1) and mass by (Sizemorph Rating * 8).

A power can only gain a Mastery if it is at either rating 6 (Mastery 1), 8 (mastery 2), or 10 (mastery 3). A mastery does not increase the area affected to km/hundreds of km/thousands of km-instead it multiplies the area by 10 (Mastery 1), 25 (Mastery 2), or 100 (Mastery 3).

Powers that boost attributes no longer cap at 5, but at Maximum Possible + 5. Powers that boost M-Atts after boosting regular attributes only add to Mega-Attributes after boosting normal attributes to their new maximum.

The "Boost" power now rolls only Quantum, adding (Boost + 1) automatic successes to the roll, to boost the selected attribute. Everything else works normally.

Entropy Shield from Entropy Control now works as follows: Add half your Entropy Control rating, rounded up, to the difficulty of all attacks.


To clarify, Disintegrate uses the attack pool (Dexterity + Disintegrate), dealing (Dexterity + Disintegrate + [Quantum]) levels of aggravated damage base.

Molecular Alteration's changes last for 1 hour/dot unless the user pays a dot of permanent willpower.

Vehicle House Rules

All vehicles gain an additional amount of Damage Levels equal to their total soak (armor + armor adds), which are distributed from Wrecked to Scraped respectively. So a tank would have an additional 18 HLs, coming out to 4 x Scraped (-0), 4 x Dented (-1), 4 x Battered (-1), 4 x Smashed (-2), 4 x Breached (-3), 4 x Wrecked (-4), and 19 x Broken Down HLs.

Modified and New Equipment

The Flechette Rifle has doubled range and is naturally armor piercing.

Power Armor

Evolving rapidly from load-bearing exoskeletons developed by the United States in the last years of the pre-Nova age, powered combat armors are now a common sight in hostile environments or guarding critical areas. Fielded so that a baseline hopefully might have something of a chance against a Nova, a power-suited soldier using combat drugs is not quite there but still a threat, especially when backed up with semi-autonomous robots.

Powered armor gives +8B/7L soak and adds +2 to strength as well as +2 to Might with a Penalty of 1 and a Destruction rating of 20. The armor itself masses 25 kilograms. Powered armor is unavailable outside of the black market or military issue, and costs resources ***** in the former case-although personnel in first world militaries or paramilitary organizations such as the Directive have significantly easier access to these suits.

In general powered armor has various sensor and damping functionality, including night vision and sensor cut-outs, giving it the equivalent of Sensory Shield * and reduces penalties for darkness by 1. Many suits of power armor have further electronics integrated, including Electronic Combat Sights or Aberscopes.

The Kurotek Catalogue

Kurotek AR7: An advanced heavy rifle using magnetic and electrothermal technologies to increase its punch to something normally found on light vehicle weaponry. Its extreme recoil and mass makes it useful for only the very strong. Min Strength 5 (or Mega 1), Accuracy + 3, Range 200, Damage 8L + [4], Rate 6, Magazine 60, Mass 15. Capable of all firing modes and also scoped by standard (+2 to accuracy gained from first turn of aiming). Exclusively uses hypercore rounds.

Kurotek RG4: A medium railgun. When the little one is not enough but the big one is too much. Accuracy + 1/4, Range 2km, Rate 2, Damage 12L + [5], Magazine 20, Mass 25. Capable of burst-fire.

Kurotek EW5: The latest and greatest prototype in their laser technology. If only it would stop exploding. Accuracy + 3, Range 1km, Rate 1, Damage 15L + [12], Magazine 5, Mass 30. Armor piercing. If more 1s are rolled than successes at any time, the weapon explodes, dealing its base damage to the wielder and 12L damage to everyone within 10 meters.

Infiltration Suit: Combines light body armor, freedom of movement, and stealth characteristics. 3B/3L soak, no mobility penalty, +3 dice to stealth, Destruction 16.

Combat Houserules

A Nova may move up to half their run distance without taking penalties to actions during combat. Running up to maximum run distance subtracts 1 from all pools. Sprinting while acting requires the person in question to take a multiple action.

Using the Accuracy Enhancement stacks with aim actions-the Nova gains the +3 dice from the Enhancement in addition to the bonus from aiming.

Extreme Range: Shots from twice to up to five times the range of a weapon or Quantum Power are extreme range shots, at +4 difficulty. A power with the Extended Range Extra has long range: Line of Sight and thus will never make an Extreme Range shot at all. Homing powers suffer no difficulty penalty from extreme range.

Called Shots

Called shots are more dangerous and harder to pull off. Called shots normally require an Aim action to be taken, and are at an additional +2 difficulty if one is making 'snap' called shots. Called shots cannot be done with burst or full-automatic attacks. Furthermore, the new scale of called shots is this:

Large-size target (upper body, lower body)- +1 difficulty
Moderate-size target (entire limb, center torso)- +2 difficulty
Small target (heart, upper or lower limb, weapon, briefcase, head & neck)- +3 difficulty
Extremely small target (eye, single finger)- +5 difficulty
Target is moving slowly (walking, etc)- +1 difficulty
Target is moving quickly (combat)- +2 difficulty

The effects of called shots vary as to what target is hit, but generic effects will be given below.
Head-all post-soak damage is doubled
Eye-halved natural soak, most armor does not protect or adds +1/2L soak at best
Heart or spine-+4L damage
Upper torso-+2L damage
Legs-Successful injury reduces movement
Arms-+1 difficulty to actions using the arm if damage is successfully inflicted, may drop weapon

Multiple Actions

Characters are limited to up to 2 actions (or full defense) by default. A character may take more actions with higher dexterity or wits.

A character may take 1 additional action at Dexterity (or Wits) 3, and another one at Dexterity (or Wits) 5. These bonuses do not stack-a character with Dexterity and Wits 5 may only take up to 4 actions. A character with Mega-Dexterity or Mega-Wits gains 1 additional action, and gains a further actio nat Mega-Dexterity or Mega-Wits 3 and 5.

Therefore a character may take a maximum of 7 actions. For the purposes of this, a full defense counts as 1 action. Multiple action penalties are otherwise unchanged.

Burst Fire Modification

Instead of the standard burst fire rules, bursts add to both accuracy and damage, and take up ammunition and use up a weapon's RoF. If a weapon's RoF is insufficient to fire the requisite number of rounds it cannot use a firing mode. Weapons with the ability to fire bursts and full-auto attacks may fire any of these bursts. Weapons only capable of firing full-auto attacks may only fire long or sustained bursts, while weapons only capable of firing bursts may only fire short bursts. A Nova using burst-fire quantum powers increases the Quantum cost of the attack by 1 and an additional 1 for each burst level.

Short Burst: +2 Accuracy, +1 Damage, uses 3 rounds.
Medium Burst: +3 Accuracy, +2 Damage, uses 5 rounds.
Long Burst: +4 Accuracy, +4 Damage, uses 15 rounds.
Sustained Burst: +5 Accuracy, +6 Damage, uses 40 rounds.

Alternatively a character may attempt to engage multiple targets. A medium burst may hit up to 2 targets, a long burst up to 4, and a sustained burst up to 8. Every target engaged after the first adds +1 difficulty to the roll, and the attack does not benefit from the increased damage (although it does beneift from the accuracy bonus). Attacks with the Spray/Jet extra engage multiple target as if they were Sustained bursts.

Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire is always made at the weapon's full rate of fire. The shooter gains a bonus to accuracy (but not damage!) equal to the largest burst the weapon could normally fire when doing so. For example, a character with Dexterity 3 and Firearms 3 suppressing with a Heavy SMG would roll 11d (6d base +5 from sustained burst) against the enemy's Resolve + Resistance. Only characters with a soak of 6L or less would be affected.

Suppressive fire is only effective against targets who are vulnerable to the weaponsfire-if the attack would deal ping damage to the target, the enemy cannot be suppressed by your attack.

Custom Powers and Enhancements

These are for player-designed powers and Enhancements created to fill niches that you really want filled but can't find something that does so.

Body Modifications

Note all body modifications below include the half-cost discount.

Adhesive Grip: A Nova may buy this body modification multiple times. The second time it is bought, a Nova may move up a vertical surface at normal running speeds, and the third time, the Nova may sprint up the side of a vertical surface with no loss of speed.

Cat's Eyes: A Nova with this modification has eyes capable of easily adapting to low-light conditions, allowing the Nova to ignore any penalties for poor lighting short of total darkness. This body modification costs 2 XP.

Flexible Skeleton: A Nova with this body modification has a flexible skeleton, giving the Nova an extra 2 dice to actions which require high flexibility such as escaping from handcuffs and the like. Furthermore, a Nova with this body modification adds +3L/3B to soak for the purposes of soaking fall damage only. This body modification costs 3 XP and is not compatible with Hyperdense skeleton.

High Pain Thresholds: A Nova with this body modification feels very little pain, reducing all wound penalties by 1. This body modification costs 3 XP.

Hyperdense Skeleton: A Nova with this body modification has a skeleton that is extremely dense and hard to damage, giving the Nova an additional +1B/2L soak and +1 to unarmed damage. This body modification costs 5 XP and may only be taken once. This body modification is not compatible with Flexible Skeleton.

Insulated Skin: A Nova with this body modification has modified epithelial tissue designed to be superior insulators, giving the Nova +2 lethal and bashing soak against fire and electricity. This body modification costs 3 XP and may only be taken once.

Optimized Metabolism:A Nova with this body modification has a far more efficient set of bodily functions, and requires significantly less food than normal (down to standard human levels, in fact). Furthermore the Nova ages significantly slower, quadrupling his or her natural lifespan. This body modification costs 3 XP.


Quantum Resistance
Level: 2
Quantum Minimum: 4
Range: Self
Duration: Permament
Effect: Adds +2 successes to any roll made to resist Quantum-disrupting powers such as Disrupt or Disimmunize
Description: Some of the rarest but most deadly, at least to other Nova, powers are the ones that subvert their control over their own powers, disrupting them or removing immunities to them. Quantum Resistance increases a Nova's ability to withstand these insidious effects, adding +2 successes to any roll made to resist powers such as Quantum Leech, Disrupt, Disimmunize, or Quantum Vampire that would affect their powers or Quantum points.

Level: 2 (Quantum Cost 1/use)
Quantum Minimum: 1
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: Instant
Multiple Actions: Yes
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Blink
Effect: Character instantly moves a moderate distance
Description: Considered a lesser version of Teleport or a specialized version of Hypermovement, the Blink power allows a Nova to rapidly move in a short sprint. Sometimes this represents itself as "Hyper-sprinting", or just suddenly disappearing and reappearing, or more esoteric techniques such as converting into light or electricity for an instant and moving a short distance at the speed of light. When used, the character pays 1 Quantum and rolls Dexterity + Blink, adding Quantum as automatic successes. Each success gained this way allows the Nova to move up to 50 meters in any direction-with the caveat that the Nova must be able to see his destination and also be able to theoretically reach it with another movement method in his current state. If the Nova wishes to 'blink' a kilometer into the air, he must have Flight, Teleport, or Quantum Leap, for example. However if the Nova wishes to 'blink' on the top of a building, as long as the building has stairs or the Nova can climb walls, he or she could instantly appear on top of it assuming enough successes were scored. Using Blink to dodge attacks allows a Nova to dodge most area attacks as normal attacks but gives no other special bonuses. Blink is also available as a Temporal Mastery or a Spatial Mastery technique in which case replace the Dexterity + Blink roll with a Dexterity + Spatial/Temporal Mastery roll.


Mega-(Anything) Enhancement: Jack of all Trades
All Novas with mega-attributes are universally good, but some go a cut above and beyond, adapting to any situation easily.
System: A Nova with this Enhancement counts as having the relevant quality for any roll related to this attribute. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points to use.

Mega-(Anything) Enhancement: Prodigy
A Nova with this Enhancement is even better than normal in a specific action-a Mega-Strong Nova might be particularly good at breaking objects or doing damage in close combat, or lifting, while a Mega-Witty Nova might be exceptional in combat or a Mega-Appearance Nova particularly enchanting while on stage or in elegant dress. This Enhancement gives the relevant normal attribute a single Specialty, effectively increasing it by 1 during the relevant situation. For example, a Nova might have Strength 5, Mega-Strength 2, and Prodigy, taking the specialty "Hand to hand combat" for Strength. When he throws a punch or a kick, it deals damage as if he had Strength 6. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points to use-further more due to its nature it works even while the Nova is dormed down.

Mega-Strength Enhancement: Love Tap
A Nova with this Enhancement is capable of pulling a blow to the point where he can merely knock out an opponent instead of causing any injury. This Enhancement allows a Nova to turn his (post-soak) unarmed combat damage into Stun damage instead-the damage will only daze or render the target unconscious, instead of causing permanent harm. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum per attack.

Mega-Strength Enhancement: One With The Weapon
A Nova with this Enhancement is one with his weapon-to the point that much as a Mega-Strong Nova can surpass the limits of his biology the weapon can surpass the limits of its material engineering. A weapon wielded by a Nova with this Enhancement does not break when it is used in melee, regardless of how much Mega-Strength the Nova in questioon used. This does not protect it from enemy attacks. This ability costs 1 Quantum to use and lasts for one strike.

Mega-Strength Enhancement: Pack Mule
A Nova with this Enhancement can carry much heavier loads without encumbrance than fellow Mega-Strong Novas, allowing him to make much easier use of heavy weapons and equipment. Instead of gaining 100 kg of unencumbered carrying capacity, the Nova can carry up to 1/10th of his total lifting capacity without encumbrance penalties, and can divide the loss of movement from encumbrance over this limit by his or her Mega-Strength automatic successes. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points to use.

Mega-Dexterity Enhancement: Fluid
A Nova with this Enhancement is as difficult to pin down as a liquid, flowing through even coordinated barrages of enemy attacks. When acting on full defense, a Nova with this Enhancement no longer loses dice from his defense rolls as long as they involve physical actions. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum to use for an action.

Mega-Dexterity Enhancement: Dodger
Requires: Mega-Perception 1 or Mega-Wits 1
A Nova with this Enhancement reflexively dodges attacks aimed at him, if not at a very high level. A Nova with this Enhancement may always make a dodge against an attack even without declaring a dodge, but if dodging without a declared dodge, he rolls only (Mega-Dexterity + 1) dice and does not add extra successes from Mega-Dexterity instead of using Dexterity + Athletics as normal. This Enhancement is always on and does not cost Quantum points.

Mega-Dexterity Enhancement: Freeflow
Requires: Mega-Wits 1
A Nova with this Enhancement is a Traceur par excellence, capable of moving through even the most convoluted environment as easily as if it was a perfectly flat expanse. Obstacles to others are mere opportunities to him or her, and even the most difficult athletic feats are reflex. A Nova with this Enhancement automatically succeeds all non-opposed Dexterity+Athletics rolls even in a stressful situation if their difficulty is (Mega-Dexterity) or less, and adds +3 successes to all rolls for chasing someone or evading pursuit in a heavily built up or restrictive environment (such as a city, a thick jungle, or the like).

Mega-Stamina Enhancement: Die Hard
A Nova with this Enhancement becomes tougher as he draws closer to death. When this Enhancement is activated, the Nova adds his wound penalty (before subtracting for pain tolerance and Mega-Stamina) to his bashing, lethal, and aggravated soak. Treat Incapacitated as a -6 wound penalty for the purposes of calculating additional soak. This Enhancement costs no Quantum points and is always active.

Mega-Stamina Enhancement: Marathon Man
A Nova with this Enhancement doesn't even feel the faintest pangs of fatigue as he runs at top speed. This Enhancement allows a Nova to ignore any fatigue gained from running or other locomotion. As a side benefit, a Nova with this Enhancement is always capable of full movement no matter how wounded he or she is. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points to use.

Mega-Stamina Enhancement: Unstoppable
Any Nova with Mega-Stamina is capable of withstanding extreme pain and injury, but one with this Enhancement is capable of going even when other lesser Novas would be left unconscious or worse. This Enhancement, when purchased, removes the wound penalty for bashing damage, and allows a Nova to function without penalty even when Incapacitated from bashing damage-his superhuman constitution ignores such injury, although it still causes damage. Bashing damage still wraps around to lethal as normal. This Enhancement may be purchased twice, and upon the second purchase the Nova ignores penalties from Lethal damage as well, which now wraps around into aggravated damage. The Nova will now only be disabled by Aggravated damage. This Enhancement is always on and takes no Quantum points.

Mega-Stamina Enhancement: Unkillable
Some Novas have grown more and more resistant to fatal injury, and are capable of survival, if not function, even when missing significant percentages of body-mass or otherwise fatally wounded. A Nova with this Enhancement gains an additional number of Incapacitated health levels equal to his Stamina + Mega-Stamina. This Enhancement is always on and takes no Quantum points.

Mega-Charisma Enhancement: Be All That You Can Be
Legends and movies have some heroes able to whip a rabble into an overwhelming force, whether it is at war or sports or academics. A Nova with this Enhancement can do the same to his or her allies. When activated, the Nova pays 3 Quantum and rolls Charisma. Every 2 successes achieved adds 1 extra die to anyone working to achieve the Mega-Charismatic Nova's goal. This does not make them any more willing to work towards this goal than they were before, and only affects people who are obviously and directly subordinate to the Nova-i.e. people working under a boss, or a squad controlled by a Nova leader. This Enhancement lasts for a scene.

Mega-Appearance Enhancement: Blurred
In some cases a Nova wishes to remain anonymous, but in an age of ubiquitious surveillance and cameras, there are few options for this. However, a Nova with this enhancement finds it easy to ignore surveillance, as although they might be spotted they cannot be recorded. This Enhancement makes it impossible to record the Nova via any means-all stored image data and voice data of him will degrade at the end of a scene, leaving only a vaguely humanoid (or more peculiar) blur and a monotone, mechanical voice. Only human (or Nova) memory can keep an impression of the Nova. This enhancement is always on, making a media career something rather difficult for a Nova with this Enhancement.

Mega-Appearance Enhancement: Visage Great And Terrible
Sometimes it is advantageous for a Nova to be able to become mega-beautiful or mega-ugly at will-and a Nova with this Enhancement can do so. A Nova with this Enhancement can spend 3 Quantum points to switch his or her Mega-Appearance into Mega-Ugliness or vice versa. This Enhancement is permanent, but can always be used again while in the Nova's new state.

Mega-Perception Enhancement: Achilles's Bane
A Nova, no matter how superhuman, is often limited by the physics of his weapon and how precisely it's possible to aim against a target. A Nova with this ability is not, gifted with the ability to make uncanny shots count, having the perceptive and predictive ability to do such feats (assuming a body which can keep up with the mind) as carve a statue using a machine-gun, or aim a pistol accurately enough to fatally wound a tank. A Nova with this Enhancement adds his Mega-Perception to the maximum number of successes that add damage or reduce soak in a combat situation. i.e. A Nova with this Enhancement and Mega-Perception 3 could apply up to 8 successes from his attack roll to increasing the attack's damage, or if armor piercing, reducing the enemy's soak.

Mega-Wits Enhancement: Opening Gambit
Some Novas are particularly good at a "quick draw", even if their reflexes fall short of their incredible level when they sustain action for more than a handful of seconds. A Nova with this enhancement may spend 1 Quantum point at the start of any combat to double their total Initiative for the opening round.

Mega-Wits Enhancement: Combat Reflexes
Many Novas are employed in occupations that make it likely that they will end up in combat situations. Similarly, those Novas tend to adapt both their bodies and minds to thrive in such a situation. A Nova with this enhancement reacts with the grace and poise of the hardest of veterans in combat, even if he or she has never fought before. This Enhancement allows a Nova to roll 2 dice for initiative and take the highest, and also allows him or her to automatically succeed rolls to act in the face of cover fire. This Enhancement is always on and takes no Quantum points. This Enhancement stacks with the Combat Veteran merit, allowing the Nova to roll 3 dice for initiative and take the highest of 3.

Mega-Wits Enhancement: Intuitive
A Nova with this Enhancement is very good at rederiving basic principles on the fly, giving him or her the ability to intuitively figure out how to accomplish any task he or she, even if he or she has never done it before or even knows it's possible. When activated, this Enhancement gives a Nova "phantom" ability levels equal to his or her Mega-Wits. These do not stack with normally bought ability levels-use the higher. This Enhancement costs 1 Quantum to use and lasts for 1 action.

Mega-Wits Enhancement: Predictive
A Nova with this Enhancement is capable of predicting, from given cues, what will happen in the very near future. These predictions get less and less accurate over time, and are generally only of acceptable accuracy for fractions of a second-but sufficient for a combat situation. A Nova with this Enhancement may use Wits + Awareness to dodge attacks instead of using Dexterity + Athletics. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Nova points. However, as a side benefit the Nova may pay 1 Quantum to add (Mega-Wits) dice to any single dodge action based on Dexterity + Athletics.

Mega-Wits Enhancement: Cut the Bullshit
A Nova with this Enhancement is incredibly capable of tearing right through doublespeak and force of personality and evaluating an argument objectively. With this Enhancement, the Nova can reduce the effective rating of social Mega-Attributes used against him or her by his or her Mega-Wits. If a Mega-Attribute is reduced to 0, its Enhancements similarly fail to have an effect. This only affects attempts to convince, bamboozle, or schmooze the Nova with this Enhancement. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points.

Mega-Intelligence Enhancement: Incomprehensibility
A Mega-Intelligent Nova's mind and thoughts are far faster and more complex than a baseline's-a fact that some of them have exploited to create a defense against mental attacks to some extent. A Nova with this Enhancement adds his Mega-Intelligence to his willpower when resisting powers like Dominate, Hypnosis, or Empathic Manipulation-but if the attacking Nova has Mega-Intelligence he may subtract 1 of these additional dice for every dot of Mega-Intelligence he or she has. This does not work on direct damage like Mental Blast. This Enhancement is always on and costs no Quantum points.

A Nova may buy Regeneration twice-the second purchase allows it to function even while Incapacitated.


Put the NPCs up on the wiki and link them here to claim your XP. They should have full stat blocks and at least a token background. Nova NPCs should be built on 10-40 Nova Points.

Baseline NPCs can be built on just about any amount of XP but most shouldn't have any attribute or ability over 4 (unless they're Olympic-quality). As a rough guideline most workers in a field should have a 5-6 dice pool in relevant skills, with experienced personnel having a 7-9 pool in relevant skills.


Martin Collins- Screwball's Mentor
Hanna Fortin- OmegaPaladin's Mentor
Niran - Terat we rescued, has just came out of crysalis. Is on fire.

Teen Tomorrow


Thomas Connor - Fighter pilot turned into a fighter!
Smith - Nova Cannibal
Dexter Briggs - Project Utopia agent
Conrad Basilone - Hard-Core USMC Nova, with excessive firepower
Sophie Kraft Samantha Fisher: Nova Cell
Ryan McKnight - Quantum Construct Example
Mike Holo - Nova pop star
Leo Lopez - Laser Sniper
Weatherman - Project Utopia agent
Hydra - Terat sociopathalite
Arcana (Aberrant) - Teragen poker queen


Aurelia Lancaster - Mesmerist
Rasul Samir - rival of Screwball (1 pt)
Zombie Mecha-Skorzeny- Screwball's Mentor's Nemesis
The Dragon - Chinese Martial Arts Master dedicated to restoring the Chinese monarchy. Certainly a major threat to even a Nova.
Ludwig Baumgartner- SCIENCE!
Nightstorm- Potential T2M responder to an attack on a Pakistani nuclear missile base by 'persons unknown'.
Caestus Pax- Superman if he was a roid-raging egotist.
DeadEyes-Proteus Op
Ochre-Proteus Op
Alpha-Proteus Op
MJ12's Mook Page
Achmed the bomber

NPC Creation Guidelines

Teragen NPCs: Teragen will generally be high-Taint and wallow in their Taintedness with extensive and inhuman Aberrations and obvious powers. There are a few belonging to the Casanova faction which will have lower Taint scores (sometimes even Taint 0) and generally more subtle effects.

Directive NPCs: Directive Novas will all have Taint 0 and Dormancy of at least 2 dots, often higher. They will not have extremely obvious, blatant powers. Directive Baselines work for an intelligence agency with a significant paramilitary arm. They should reflect that.

Project Utopia: The Nova in question must be able to interact with baselines and not freak them out. Otherwise regulations are fairly loose. Utopian baseline personnel are often either researchers, managers, or paramilitary.

Elites: They need to be able to viably work for pay. Note that not all Elites are combat oriented-there are Nova celebrities who will generally have powers fitting their occupation (a Nova lawyer will have Mega-Charisma and Mega-Manipulation, some Mega-Intelligence and Mega-Wits, while a Nova movie starlet will likely have Mega-Appearance, Mega-Charisma, and if she does her own stunts, some Mega-Physicals).

Government-Employed: Government employed Novas will always have powers befitting their role and need to be able to listen to baseline commanders or superiors and not freak out their coworkers.